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A project to record war crimes has been launched in Ukraine


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"Ukrainian Witness" is a new information project that will show the world realities of Russia's war in Ukraine, launched by the team of the charity fund "Come Back Alive". 

Authors of the project said in an interview with NV: "These will be chronicles of difficult times that our children will watch in the lessons of Ukrainian history. Ukraine, which defeated Russia in the war. What makes it unique? We are trusted by our guys in all military positions and receive unique videos and photos from them. " 

The project is available on the links:

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Telegram for Ukrainians

• Telegram for Russians

Ukrainians have launched a chatbot that helps capture the war crimes of the Russian occupiers. These are the materials for The Hague - an international tribunal established in 1945 and in 1946 it began its work as the main legal body of the United Nations for judicial decisions. The UN International Court of Justice in The Hague on Monday, February 7, 2022, began considering Ukraine's lawsuit against Russia. Kyiv accuses Moscow of misinterpreting an international convention on genocide. According to the plaintiff, the abuse of the convention was used by the Russian authorities to invade Ukrainian territory. 

Vitaliy Deinega, the founder of the Return Alive Foundation, wrote on his Facebook page  - "I do not remember the beginning of the war. Then we were also taken by surprise and almost no one was able to record those events. From April to October 2014, there are very few quality videos and photos that would help our descendants remember how it was. At this time, Russian propaganda, pre-charged with war, was already writing our history for us.

We were totally losing the information war. When Russia attacked us last week, history repeated itself. We were not ready to document our own story, so I decided to correct it. In a few days, many videographers, journalists, editors and other wonderful people were "mobilized". They are already working in different parts of the country, so that our children can not only tell, but show how things really were.

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