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«Archive of War»: evidence of war crimes is collected in Ukraine



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In mid-March, the «Docudays» team, whose activities are aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, began work on the Encyclopedia of War.

Currently, the initiative is expanding, as it is joined by partners among human rights organizations involved in video collection and lawsuits against Russian war criminals.

Therefore, the initiative of the NGO «Docudays» has expanded and changed its name to «Archive of War» and  NGO «Docudays» is currently collecting evidence and asking witnesses to send their materials.

Telegram bot for collecting evidence

A telegram bot has been created for the fastest and most convenient way to transfer your own recorded video and audio materials.

What to send?

Video and audio materials documenting: 

  •  your life and everyday life during the war;
  • resistance of the civilian population to the aggressor;
  • evacuation, stay in bomb shelters;
  • destruction of property, violence and other crimes committed by the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine;
  • any other material filmed during the war that seems important to you.

You can download footage taken in person or by other people. If you are not the author, please indicate the source or author of this video.

The company guarantees anonymity to all authors of materials transferred to the «Archive of War».

The «Archive of War» is a tool for counteracting the war against Ukraine in the information, artistic and legal fields. Join and help Ukraine on this front.

We will win!

 Photo by   Vlad Huivyk з Pexels

«Ukrainian Witness», або ж «Український свідок», це новий інформаційний проєкт, що показуватиме світові реалії війни Росії в Україні, який запустила Команда благодійного фонду «Повернись живим».

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Logistics service #zalizna_dopomoha was created to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

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Logistics service #zalizna_dopomoha was created to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.


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