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Volunteer lawyers help Ukrainian victims to submit applications to the European Court of Human Rights



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The volunteer organization We are from Ukraine unites more than 50 lawyers who help on a free basis.

What is an initiative?

This initiative arose in response to massive violations of human rights by the Russian military on the territory of Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

The purpose of the organization's activities is the preparation and submission of complaints by Ukrainian citizens who suffered from Russian aggression to the European Court of Human Rights, as well as their further legal support. It is free for victims.


  • the team consists of more than 50 lawyers, mostly lawyers, there are also scientists and specialists in human rights, volunteer lawyers; 
  • received 300 appeals from affected citizens;
  •  23 complaints have already been sent to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • another 120 cases are in the works, which means that lawyers are actively collecting evidence and preparing for completion of 120 cases.

«We need maximum publicity about this initiative.  Firstly, many people do not know about their rights, about such opportunities, they have neither physical nor financial resources for this (because usually the support of a professional lawyer is quite expensive).Secondly, we are constantly looking for lawyers who could join our initiative in order to process as many requests as possible», says Yuliya Polyakova, the founder of the project.

What can victims contact?

There are prospects for a positive review in the following cases:

  • death of a family member;
  • immediate danger to life;
  • expulsion from home/refuge;
  • forced deportation to the territory of Russia, including family members;
  • forced family separation;
  • torture, including hunger and thirst;
  • rape;
  • disappearance of family members;
  • loss/damage of property, property rights.

If something similar happened to you or your loved ones, register using this form.

The form for lawyers  here.

 Note. Unfortunately, the initiative of the Ministry of Digitization to automate complaints will most likely not be successful, because the submission to the ECtHR requires a qualified approach. Therefore, most of the applications issued automatically will not be accepted and will not be able to be reviewed again.


«Ukrainian Witness», або ж «Український свідок», це новий інформаційний проєкт, що показуватиме світові реалії війни Росії в Україні, який запустила Команда благодійного фонду «Повернись живим».

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Logistics service #zalizna_dopomoha was created to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.


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