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Grant competition to support the development of civil society from the US Embassy




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New and experienced NGOs affected by the war and in need of financial support have the opportunity to participate in the competition. 

The US Embassy in Ukraine is announcing a competition for projects from Ukrainian NGOs aimed at developing civil society and involving the public in decision-making in Ukraine.

Aim of the competition

The grant competition aims to finance experienced and newly established organizations in their work to support the activities of civic organizations affected by the war, as well as the civilian population of Ukraine, which found itself in a difficult situation.

The US Embassy accepts applications from all regions of Ukraine, but priority will be given to NGOs working in those regions that have been temporarily occupied, forced to move to other regions, or remain in the occupied territories.

Who can apply for a grant?

  • Projects whose activities concern:
    Creation and support of existing networks of public organizations throughout Ukraine;
  • Providing institutional support to small and medium-sized organizations;
  • Collection and documentation of committed war crimes on the territory of Ukraine;Providing assistance to victims of sexual violence in Russian-occupied regions;
  • Conducting employment training in those areas where there is a shortage of labor;
  • Creating conditions for safe work of non-governmental organizations and personal safety of public activists;
  • Providing services to the affected population (shelter and legal advice to IDPs, transporting people to safer regions in the middle of Ukraine, supporting vulnerable groups, helping people with disabilities, working with children, as well as psychological assistance);
  • Promoting volunteering and establishing partnerships in the country to raise funds for Ukraine.

Деталі гранту

  • Project duration: 5-12 months
  • Number of grants: up to 20 depending on the quality of the submitted applications
  • Grant amount: from min. 50,000 to max. $ 250,000
  • Total funding available: $ 2,000,000 USA
  • Funding type: FY22 / 23 AEECA
  • Expected start date of the program: August 1, 2022


«Ukrainian Witness», або ж «Український свідок», це новий інформаційний проєкт, що показуватиме світові реалії війни Росії в Україні, який запустила Команда благодійного фонду «Повернись живим».

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Logistics service #zalizna_dopomoha was created to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.


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